Local Rules
  1. Out of Bounds ( Rule 27-1)
    1. Beyond any fence, railing, rope, hedge, white line and wall surrounding the course and bounding the hole being played.
    2. Beyond the nearest inside points at the ground level of any stakes or fence posts defining out of bounds.
    3. The Caddie Enclosure, the chipping Green and the Car Park.
    4. The MEN-The 5th Fairway is out of bounds when playing the 3rd hole.
  2.  Relief Through The Green
    1.  From any tree or bush marked by a white stake, interfering with the player’s stance or the area of his/her intended swing, relief MUST be taken in accordance with  (Rule-2b)
    2. The nursery to the right of the 1st and 2nd holes and all specially “MARKED with Green Stakes” are deemed to be GUR, from which play is prohibited.
    3. The Hedge at the rear of the 2nd tee is an integral part of the course and thus there is no relief
  3. Immovable Obstruction (Rule 24-2)
    1. Specially prepared cart paths and all public roads through the course including the access gravel road to the right of the 7th fairway. ( Rule 24-2b)
    2. All distances markers, normal course signage, benches, waste bins and all irrigation equipment.
    3. The wooden post fences on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 12 holes.
    4. The protective screens on the 7th. Tee.
    5. Fixed sprinkler heads – in addition, sprinkler heads within two clubs lengths of a Putting Green shall, for the purpose of relief, be deemed to be on a Putting Green. Line of play relief may    only be taken when the ball lies within two club lengths of the intervening sprinkler head.
    6.  All stakes defining water hazards. 
  4. Movables Obstruction (Rule 24-1)
    Stones in bunkers
  5. 3rd Hole Water Hazard
    If there is doubt whether a ball is in the lost in the Water Hazard or Lateral Hazard to the left of the Green the player may another ball provisionally (Rule 26-1). If original ball is found outside the Hazards the player must continue with it. If the original ball is not found or identified within five-minute search period the player must continue with the ball played provisionally.
  6. Distance Markers
    All fairway markers are to the front edge of the green.
    All short holes are measured to the middle of the green.
26C Fair
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